To bring glory to God in a unified effort, by corporately worshiping Jesus Christ through song and worship dance and facilitating prayer for personal, local, national and international issues which impact the local Churches and Community.

Monthly Archives: September 2019

“Oregon Igniting His Love” Launches in Tillamook County

For the second time in five short months, Tillamook County will again be host to another first-of-its-kind prayer gathering and an encore prayer train on its northern Pacific coast shoreline. This time, prayer leaders from Pray Oregon and the National Day of Prayer will team up in Rockaway to launch “Oregon Igniting His Love”. The Tillamook County Wide Prayer Team is facilitating the conference in a supportive role.

“For us, it’s another opportunity to welcome a big circle of individuals into our community for prayer,” said Linda Hanratty, Tillamook County Wide Prayer Team President. Up to 300 are expected.

“This conference is for prayer leaders all over Oregon. Part of the goal is to develop relationships to knit hearts together because together we can do more than apart. Another goal is disciple making, prayer team equipping, vision casting, developing an infrastructure of prayer and worship, “ said Hanratty.

Highlights of the three-day event will include a bonfire lighting to launch the Oregon Igniting His Love conference. The ceremony-rich program will feature First Nations Tribal Leaders and prayer leaders from around the state and beyond. It will include participation from the youngest to the oldest generations. Lighting the bonfire will symbolize igniting a fire of God’s love throughout the state.

On Monday, Oct. 7, those who register for it will enjoy stunning ocean views along the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad while onboard the “Oregon Prayer Train.” Participants will follow a detailed program and pray for our communities, the state, and nation during an unforgettable 4.5 hour train ride. A polished 1925 steam locomotive will pull the rugged train on this remarkable journey. Lunch is included.

Registration is limited to 300 at the camp, and 200 on the train. Hanratty urges people to register now.

Throughout the conference, a variety of workshops will offer updates on what God is doing in Oregon through Pray Oregon ( and National Day of Prayer events. Workshops will also address a “Nuts and Bolts” session on how to build a successful prayer group in your community. An international disciple-maker will be one of several featured speakers. Crucial guidelines for discipleship follow-up to fuel revival and awakening in Oregon will also be covered.

The Oct. 6-8 conference will be held at the Twin Rocks Friends Camp in Rockaway, north of Tillamook. For program, registration, and lodging details, visit Those wishing to include meals in their reservation are asked to register by Sept. 26 to ensure an accurate meal count. Participants can also register at the door.

“There is strong consensus among the leaders planning this event that it will raise the unity in prayer to a whole new level in Oregon and increase His love in us, too,” agree Peter Carlson and Pam Neighbor, co-coordinators of the National Day of Prayer (NDP). They urge prayer leaders and prayer warriors and their families to make plans to join this remarkable gathering of the body of Christ in Oregon. They extend this invitation to welcome NDP event planning team members, ministerial leaders, and anyone else who would like to be a part of a NDP event for May 2020.

“We will pray, worship, fellowship, get equipped, and better learn to listen and discern the Lord’s strategies for our state. This will be a great time to connect with other prayer leaders in your county and rekindle our passion for Jesus. You are important, and we want you to be included, said Carlson.”
Prayer Train panorama 300ppi
On May 2, the TCWPT sponsored a historic prayer event on the 68th Annual National Day of Prayer. Over 160 passengers boarded the “Sunset Prayer Train” and prayed for residents who live and work in every community in Tillamook County as the train journeyed for 4.5 hours north and south of Garibaldi. They prayed in detail for the organizational structures that affect their residents and impact the ability of their communities to work together. Some of these prayer topics included employment, education, families, churches, government, housing and socials issues, etc., to name a few.

Doug Rosenberg, owner of the 1925 steam locomotive pulling the train and Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad past Board Member, said at the time, “that was the happiest group I have ever seen in the Lodge or on the train.….I’ve witnessed a lot of events in our Lodge building, but never one that had the happy feeling of this one…. It was an honor to be involved.”

Tim Hall, a Garibaldi city counselor was one of the riders who rode the premiere Prayer Train on May 2. At the time he summarized his experience saying, “God is great. And the love that He has for all of us was on full display on the Prayer Train. It was an honor to be asked to join such an inspirational and blessed event. I’ll be forever thankful for the prayers I received….”